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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Islam in todays world is more associated with terrorism and not peace.
Every religion either Islam,buddhism,hinduism,christianity,judaism or
Sikhism preaches love.The religious books of every religion are very
clear as far as killing of innocent people is concerned.Quran and
hadis very clearly propogate love and compassion.
Islam brought togetherness among the fighting arab communities
in makkah.Hazrat Muhammed (SAV) preachings are based on
love,forgiveness and compassion.Jihad does not mean killing innocent
people.Muslims allover the world are facing problems due to
few people ,who are illinformed about islam.
Mosques the place of worship are being seen as schools of terrorism.
Their is no truth in this because masjids and madarssas allover the
world are places of worship.Haram and halal is very clearly
stated in Quran and Hadis.The happenings in Iraq were innocent
muslims are being killed gives rise to the feeling among muslims
that they are being targeted by US.


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